Whitcomb: 2010 Update

Dear Friends,
My name is Sarah Whitcomb. I want to share with you a brief update on what is happening in our family. This year marked twenty-seven years in Africa for my parents—and the ministry is still growing! The past few months have been absolutely amazing. God is moving in an awesome way, and we count it a great privilege to serve Him here as a family. Let me tell you more about how God is working in each of our lives:
Rick ~ My Dad is busy pastoring Agape House New Testament Church and preaching powerful sermons, as well as overseeing the rest of the mission. He is constantly thinking of creative ways to extend the kingdom of God. We began the year with a series called Glory 2010, where he laid out God’s vision for our church this year
based on Isaiah 60:1. Right now we are celebrating the third anniversary of Agape House! It is a special blessing to be able to work with my Dad and see His passion for God and his obedience to God’s Word. Please continue to pray for greater strength and wisdom as he speaks the truth of God in Ghana.

Donna ~ My Mom continues to be very active in the office and the church, assisting Dad with many of his administrative duties. She helps manage the day to day running of the work, as well as ministering and serving at church. From overseeing Sunday school, to counseling individuals, my Mom does so much. In addition to this, she still oversees the Agape Children’s Home, making sure that all the children are provided for spiritually, physically, and academically. It is her passion to see each child grow in character and love for the Lord. She is truly a mother to many people, and we love her!

LaDonna and Richard ~ La Donna (25) spent a year and a half in Ghana teaching at the Agape Academy. She returned to Virginia earlier this year to complete her degree at a Christian university. In the near future she hopes to return to continue teaching and helping the children at ACH. Richard (23) has been living and working back in Virginia. He is now completing his Bachelor’s degree at Nyack College in Organizational Leadership. Next year, Richy hopes to return for a visit and spend several months here helping with the church media and productions.

Sheila and Sarah ~ Sheila (19) has completed her first year of college at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She spent her summer vacation with us in Ghana and was such a blessing and a help! During her stay she sang in the choir, helped organize a church drama club, and led a Bible study for girls. She has now returned for her sophomore year at Liberty. Although it has not been easy adjusting to life in a different culture and far away from family, God is taking care of her, and we know that she is serving Him there as we are here.

Annabelle and John Paul ~ John Paul (12) is beginning seventh grade this fall. He also does his school with his friends at the Children’s Home. John still enjoys playing soccer, and has recently begun taking guitar lessons. He loves to help anyone. Whether he is running errands for Dad or Mom, or helping with the church bulletins, John is a willing and cheerful worker.

Annabelle (15) is now starting tenth grade. She participates in several classes at the Agape Academy and enjoys being with her many friends there. In her free time, she loves to play the piano and read. Annabelle is also active in the church youth group, Heart’s Aflame. On Sundays, she runs the projector during the praise and worship.